How To Be More Organized in 3 Easy Steps

Hello Friends! I wanted to start this post off by addressing the lack of posts last week. I took the week “off” from blogging to reexamine the direction of my blog. No I am not changing or closing it. I decided though, that instead of trying to post everyday with some possibly not so great content, I would post a few times a week with some well thought out and helpful posts.

I think it is easy to get caught up in thinking you have to blog everyday to keep up with bloggers that do, however this is not the case. Some of the blogs I read and enjoy the most, only post a few times a week or maybe even less.

When these bloggers do post, it is usually really good information that I can apply to my life, and I often revisit their site over and over again.

So that is my new direction, instead of killing myself to come up with ideas to post about everyday, I will focus on giving my readers quality content each time I post even if it is less frequent.

How To Be More Organized in 3 Easy Steps

There is something about planning and organizing that brings joy to my spirit! The feeling of having my house in order and being prepared for the week ahead allows me to relax and feel relieved of stress. Today I want to offer you some steps on how to be more organized. Following these steps I have found I have less stress during the week and have a happier life!

Step 1- Plan, plan, plan. I believe Sundays are a great day for planning. Planning out your meals for the week. Planning out your workouts for the week. Even setting out the clothes you and your family will wear for the week will make each day ahead less stressful.

Meal planning – Spend a part of your day searching recipes for the week, use cookbooks, Google and of course Pinterest to search for recipes. Then take a trip to the grocery store and buy the items you will need to prepare each meal. You can even post a fun menu in your kitchen so your family knows what to expect.


This step alone will save time and energy during the week.

Workout planning – Get a journal/calendar and write down what days you will workout the upcoming week and what workouts you will do. Put it in your calendar as an appointment so you will not miss it. This will ensure you get that stress busting activity in throughout the week that we all need!

Outfit planning – Go through your closet and pull out 5 outfits for the week, and if you have a family have them do the same. Then iron and hang up all of the the outfits. This will take some time but it will save you a lot of headache throughout the week. It will speed up the time it takes you and your family to get ready in the mornings and help you get to your destinations on time.

Step 2- Clean Up. In my opinion there is nothing more stressful than coming home or waking up to a mess! Clutter, dirty laundry and dishes piled up in the sink automatically stress me out!

Now I’m not saying you must have an immaculate home, a home is made for living and enjoying your friends and family and this can lead to clutter, I know. What I am saying is spend time each day picking up the obvious mess and clutter. Fill the dishwasher if you use one or wash and put away dishes. Vacuum the common areas that you see the most, and have the kids help by putting their toys away when they are not using them. Clean the guest bathroom in case you have a pop up visitor who has to pee!

Here is a trick that I like to use to motivate me to clean a bit. I set my alarm for 15 minutes, blast my music and clean as much as I can in that 15 minute time frame. This usually includes vacuuming, wiping down the dining room table, tidying the living room and picking up things left out and put them in their place. There is so much you can do in 15 minutes!

Speaking of clutter, I had a cluttered mess in my home gym. I had yoga mats and weights out-of-place. I took the time to organize the weights so I could find the ones I needed. I also got my yoga mats and foam roller up off the floor with a nifty gear grabber from my friends over at Zero G Storage. They sent me one to try and I thought it was a great concept.


Zero G Gear Grabber


After I organized my gym

Now I can find everything I need in one place. Taking the time to clean your space will make you feel much better and relaxed. Clutter causes distraction and chaos in my opinion, which none of us want.

Step 3- Stop Multi-tasking. Yes you heard me right! Stop multi-tasking. I know we women are the masters of multi-tasking or so we thought. But recent studies have shown that people who multi-task are often less productive. This is because muti-taskers never completely focus on one thing. This could lead to not completing tasks or completing them poorly.

Check out this article from Forbes about multi-tasking and career. I would like to say I disagree with this research as a past multi-tasker myself. However when I think about it, what they say really makes sense.

Instead of trying to do several things at once, focus on prioritizing tasks by level of importance. This applies for at home and at work. Write out a list of things you need to do in a day and knock them out one by one. Having a physical list and actually crossing things off helps also.

We cannot do everything! I am a firm believer in doing everything you do to the best of your ability and as unto God. When you look at it this way, it makes a heck of a difference in the quality of the work you produce in your life!

I hope that you will try out these steps to organization. I’d love to hear what you think so please leave your comments below.

How do you organize your life?

Do you have a weekly ritual that keeps you on track?

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