3 Important Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout

I recently reached out on social media and asked my blog readers, Facebook friends and YouTube Subscribers what fitness related questions they may have for me. The resounding question was “How do I stay motivated to workout?” People wanted to know what they could do to keep their workout routine going strong without getting lazy and giving up.

I decided to expound on my answer and highlight a few important tips for staying motivated to workout. These are things that I feel keep me going back for my workouts, and I believe will help others as well.

3 Important Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout http://petiteheartbeat.comTip #1: Have a Plan

This tip is very important because if a person does not have a plan of what they want to do, they will likely get off track and give up. I suggest that everyone heading to the gym or even to workout at home, take time to pre-plan their workouts. You can do this by simply identifying which areas you want to focus on and listing exercises that will target that area. This includes writing down whether you want to improve your cardio, speed and endurance. Write down workouts that will help improve these areas.

Something I like to do is this, on Sundays I have a calendar and I will write down all of my workouts for the week and which day I will do them. This helps me to eliminate the excuse that I don’t know what to workout today, so I won’t workout. Write a plan, schedule it and stick to your schedule.

3 Important Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout http://petiteheartbeat.com

Tip #2: Do something you enjoy

My next tip is something I have mentioned several times. Exercise can be fun and I believe you should enjoy the exercise activities you do. There are so many different forms of workouts out there to choose from, that there is no reason a person should be stuck doing something they hate.

I have seen it time and time again, a person will say that they don’t like working out but then they find something they enjoy and you can’t stop them. If when you run it hurts and you hate it, don’t run. You will most likely give up your running routine very quickly. Instead try out some different things until you find something or SOMETHINGS you enjoy. Don’t feel like you have to be stuck in a box.

I personally like to do several things. I like to run, I like to lift weights and I like to take cycling class. What I don’t like is Zumba! So guess what, I don’t do it. Even though it is a very popular workout it is just not for me and that is ok. So, find something you enjoy and do it!

3 Important Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout http://petiteheartbeat.com

Tip #3: Have a purpose

My final but probably most important tip is to, have a purpose. I believe that purpose creates passion, if you have a purpose for why you are working out, you will more likely stick to it. Before you start your next workout, sit down and identify your purpose for working out. Is it to lose weight? Is it to get fit enough to run a race? Is it to fight a disease? All of these are examples of purpose and I believe when you reflect on your purpose daily, it will motivate you to stick to your workout routine.

In my case, I know that I want to tone up and lose some body fat. I also know that I want to be healthy and be around for my family for a long time. All of these PURPOSES give me the motivation and passion to keep going back for another workout. Identify your purpose, reflect on it and let it motivate you.

3 Important Tips for Staying Motivated to Workout http://petiteheartbeat.com

I hope that these tips have been helpful to you and will help keep you motivated to stick to your workout routine.

Check out my full question and answer video here:

What keeps you motivated to stick to your workout?

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